GoldnAura - Naming and Lost Items in Banda

GoldnAura - Naming and Lost Items

GoldnAura - Naming, Lost Items, Love Reading in Banda. Hello! MY name is GoldnAura! I'm a psychic intuitive with 34 1/2 years of experience. I have been aware of my power since I was 6 months old, and practicing tarot for 23! I'm a dedicated servant to your highest purpose :) I also practice without tools, serve as a medium, shaman and have contact with ET energies! I will always help move you through any blocks you may experience!
13 years of experience in Banda. Its funny to try and answer and this question because its so secondary to what is truly important. My interests and hobbies have always been helping people to discover who they truly are and help them to reveal Heaven on Earth in this life! I'm not a fan of disrespect, shaming, discrimination, and people who intentionally try to harm others.

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